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We offers reliable, secure mailing services built on proven anti-spam and anti-virus technologies and robust gateway appliances. You can achieve complete redundancy for your messaging systems by leveraging our high capacity, physically diverse datacenter infrastructure. Our goal is to reduce the cost and increase the security of mission critical messaging.

Mailing solutions are designed to offer a wide range of features and support options to suit particular requirements of our customers. From individual and business accounts to group email IDs, our mailing solutions provide you with an email service that you can rely on. The Users and Administrators have a host of useful features like:

Stay connected from anywhere

On your Android
On your iPhone
On your Blackberry
On your Windows Phone
On any phone with a browser

Customized Mail Box size: The webmail Administrator has full control over the number of email IDs that can be created and also control the size of the mail boxes (mailbox quota)

Anti-Virus enabled: Latest in Anti-Virus software is installed on the email server hosting our mailing solutions, providing complete protection from potential virus attacks.

Anti-Spam Filters: Mail solutions has built-in Anti-Spam software for blocking unwanted email (spam). Apart from that, users can block particular email IDs from their Mail ID settings panel.

Private Label Branding: Mail solutions interface can be customized to include custom colors and company branding. Mail solutions administrator has full control over customization settings and can change settings as often as required.

POP3 / SMTP / IMAP Email accounts : Every account comes with as POP3/SMTP/IMAP support. You have the ability to set up new accounts and edit/delete existing accounts through your powerful online Site Manager. You can determine how much disk space you would like to allot to each account, increase or decrease disk space and even have the ability to make it unlimited!

Catch-All Account : All email accounts come with a catch-all option. The catch-all e-mail option allows you to receive email on unlimited incoming e-mail addresses.

E-Mail Forwarding & Aliasing : All India Web Hosting email accounts come with e-mail forwarding & aliasing. E-mail forwarding is an email service in which your email is automatically sent (forwarded) from one or more email address to another (possibly several) specified email address.

E-Mail Autoresponder : All India Web Hosting email accounts come with e-mail autoresponders. An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically returns a prewritten message to anyone who submits e-mail to a particular Internet address, whether an individual or a Web site. Autoresponders are widely used by Web sites for the purpose of responding to visitor comments and suggestions in a preliminary way and, in cases where traffic is heavy, as the sole way to communicate with user inquiries.

Mailing List : All India Web Hosting email accounts come with mailing lists. A Mailing list is a very popular way for people to send and receive information of a particular type. For example, you might wish to add all of your customers to a mailing list and then notify them of upcoming sales or specials by sending only one message to the main list address, which would then send the message to all e-mail addresses contained in that list.

Corporate Windows Mail Solutions

Our Qualified Technical Team understands Exchange, Imail, MailMax, Merak, MailEnable Email Servers. If your business requires instant messaging, calendar and file share support, the Exchange may be the right product for you. And our partnership with Microsoft allows us to offer Exchange's unprecedented security, availability and reliability at a price that's right for almost any enterprise, large or small.

We also can provide you a Inhouse Solution with any of the said Mail Softwares for you to manage and maintain your own Email Server. If you want a hosted Email server, IndiaWebHosting is the right choice. We provide Email hosting on our servers with full-proof security, reliability, 99.9% uptime, periodical backups, Antivirus and Anti-Spam solution. If you need to know more about this please request a quote and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you.

Corporate Linux Mail Solutions

The flexibility, scalability & reliability of Linux draws many customers to this platform, and our team has a hands off expertise in this field. Whether you need a single mailbox or 500, we can design a solution that meets you needs, and assist you in administration if you desire. Please request a quote and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you.

E-Mail Administration and Maintainence

Have you built your own mail server and now spend too much time maintaining it? Allow our mail experts use their talents on your behalf. Our technicians have years of experience in qmail, sendmail, slmail, Imail, Exchange, Mailmax and others, and would be happy to monitor your system, and assist your users or customers when problems arise. We have hundreds of corporate email servers onsite, and manage most of them for their owners. Our email administrators can assist you in selecting a mail server, implementing it, maintaining the daily users, setting mail policies, controlling spam, and monitoring your mail servers for maximum uptime. Email is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. Get a managed email server and forget about email outages and taking pain of managing it. Give us the pain, we will do it for you. Please request a quote and one of our sales representatives will get in touch with you.